Our Comprehensive Approach

We are the largest nongovernmental organization dedicated to the care of orphaned and abandoned children, with 70 years of expertise.

Our comprehensive approach – preventing child abandonment, offering long-term care for children in need and empowering young people with the resources to reach their full potential – transforms the lives of millions of children and families worldwide each year.


At H2S, we combine short-term aid and long-term guidance to strengthen families so they are better able to care for their children and to protect them from child labor, child trafficking and other threats to their safety.

Long-Term Care

Children who lack family care can become part of a new family at one of our H2S villages, join an H2S-supported foster family or be cared for by relatives who benefit from H2S services.


To increase youth employability and unlock young adults' full potential, we provide education, life skills development, vocational and entrepreneurship training, soft skills development, access to internships, mentoring and more.

Movement Building

We work with other development agencies, governments and communities to advance initiatives that help children and families, and to raise awareness about the rights of children and the responsibilities of those around them.

Take Action

Because of H2S, children are getting the care and support they need to shape their own futures. But we can’t do it alone.


What Makes Us Unique?

Local Roots


Day in and day out, we are on the ground in 135 countries, working within the local social and cultural context and well positioned to step up should an emergency arise.

Holistic Approach


We address the root causes of family separation, keeping children in the family home and avoiding the need for alternative care.



We provide permanent family placements and keep siblings together, offering stability and a solid foundation to children who have lost parental care.



We stay with children through the difficult transition to young adulthood, making sure they have the support they need to become independent adults.