Sponsor a child

Children without parental support are some of the world’s most vulnerable citizens. They are at risk of poverty, homelessness, exploitation and abuse. Many do not attend school or have access to even the most basic healthcare. Millions end up on the streets with no safety nets and no protection. For just over a dollar per day, you can make sure a child who has already lost so much can start to rebuild their lives in a caring and positive environment.

Sponsor a Family

Families around the world are more vulnerable today than ever before. Poverty, in particular, presents overwhelming challenges for single parents, who struggle to make ends meet. Their children are often forced to leave school to help support their family. Other times, parents are forced to make the difficult decision to abandon their children.

Sponsor a H2S Village

As a sponsor, you make sure that a child who has lost their family doesn’t lose everything. Orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children will grow up in one of our H2S families with an H2S mother and sisters and brothers — with every effort made to keep biological siblings together. Each home is headed by a trained caregiver, an H2S mother, who raises each child with the individual care and attention they need. As a family, they build emotional ties together that last a lifetime.