We know it in our hearts, and study after study confirms it, that what happens in childhood has a lasting impact throughout our lives. A stable, loving family is the foundation every child needs to learn and grow.

Help 2 Save International is the largest non-governmental agency dedicated to ensuring that every child has a loving home that provides these foundations.

Our Unique Focus Areas: Quality Care Throughout a Child’s Life


Children's Rights and Advocacy

Actively advocating for children’s rights, and teaching children and youth to become their own advocates so that the voice of future generations is loud and clear.


Emergency Response

The devastation of humanitarian and natural disasters weakens communal and familial resilience, threatening the stability, care and protection of the children who need it most.


Long-Term Quality Care

Providing stability and loving families to children and young adults who have been orphaned or abandoned, and ensuring that they are supported, encouraged and loved throughout their lives.


Family Strengthening Programs

Combining short-term aid and long-term guidance to strengthen families and to protect vulnerable children from trafficking, labor and other threats to their safety.


Education, Employment and Empowerment

Empowering the next generation, and providing them with the education, tools, encouragement and support to build their own futures.

Take Action

Because of Help 2 Save International, children are getting the care and support they need to shape their own futures. But we can’t do it alone.